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Alejandra Embroidered Headband

$10 $15

Hair accessories, such as headbands, are one of the most sought after for their variety and their ability to complement any outfit.

Headbands are an accessory that has passed from generation to generation and have now been modernized. We add embroidered motifs so you can take a little piece of Mexico with you everywhere.

How to Wear: Wear with a casual outfit, for a fiesta or for a fun look to hangout with your friends at brunch!

  • Material(s): cotton thread, linen cloth
  • Size: one size fits all

Please Note: Each headband is made by hand and exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown.

Care Instructions: Wash by hand and air dry

Hey México empowers local artisans in the state of Tabasco and Chiapas by showcasing their textile capabilities while creating working conditions that benefit their artisans. 95% of the artisans are female heads of family and Hey México empowers them through their social enterprise projects. They are able to provide fair and consistent wages, partnerships with health organizations to provide health benefits and cooperatives to formalize their individual businesses. Hey México works in two Mexican states and with seven local communities.

Four years ago, Eleyda and Jose Luis had the restlessness to create a business that had a high impact for society. After analyzing several alternatives, they realized there was no textile development in Nacajuca, Tabasco; and the great desire that exists in people who love everyday wear handmade garments. 

So in May 2017 they began to develop and structure the idea, taking classes, trainings, and workshops that could provide them with tools to capture their ideas very well. They started from scratch with resources borrowed from relatives, with many difficulties but with a clear objective: ¡Enaltecer Nuestra Cultura!

They began by organizing a small group of 4 embroiders from one community. Today, there are more than 100 families or artisans from 7 communities and 2 states of the republic who benefit from the work done with Hey México.

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