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Daffodil Embroidered Pillow Cases


Add more color to your home by incorporating these beautiful handmade pillow cases! For many of us, it was common to see these accent pillows throughout the home as they are particularly popular in Mexico. We grew up watching our tias make them, and later they attempted to teach us and their daughters to pass on the craft. Not only was this important as it filled a home with color, but it also provided an opportunity for income. Today, this overlooked tradition is still maintained and we have become a vessel for these beautiful handmade pieces from our tias and friends.


  • Quantity: 2 pillow cases included
  • Technique: Cross Stitch Embroidery 
  • Care: It is recommended that you hand wash and air dry under shade. Do not use chlorine, and do not mix with other garments.

These beautiful handmade pillow cases are made in Nochistlán, Zacatecas, a small pueblo in Mexico. They take between 3-5 days to make depending on their intricacy. The women who make them typically embroider together while catching up on their lives. These pieces are made with a lot of heart!

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