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Chocotabasqueña Mexican Embroidered Skirt

Hey México
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We’re not an aesthetic or a trend but if you want to make a statement, this piece is for you! Perfect Mexican clothes to wear to the office or special events. Each design is created by Hey México, a brand keeping alive traditional embroidery by fusing with contemporary designs.

  • Base Fabric Color: Blue
  • Material(s): 97% Cotton, 3% Polyester
  • Artisanal Technique: Lomillo point stitch
  • Style: Blue a-line cut skirt with back zipper and elegant embroidered strip on the waistline
  • Please note: The embroidery will have variation as they are unique handmade pieces.
  • Care: It is recommended that you dry clean this garment.
Artist Technique:

The name of the technique of this textile is lomillo point, better known as the Tabasco embroidered strip. The textile is completely handmade by artisans from the Chontal region of Tabasco, located in the municipality of Nacajuca. Its elaboration process is more than 10 days. Each color of the flowers represents a region of the State of Tabasco.

About Hey México:

Hey México empowers local artisans in the state of Tabasco and Chiapas by showcasing their textile capabilities while creating working conditions that benefit their artisans. 95% of the artisans are female heads of family and Hey México empowers them through their social enterprise projects. They provide fair and consistent wages, partnerships with health organizations to provide health benefits and cooperatives to formalize their individual businesses. Hey México works in two Mexican states and with seven local communities.