Alebrije Feliz

Colibri Phone Case - iPhone 13 Pro


Only 1 piece in stock!

*Phone-case is hand-painted in México.*

Every phone case is unique which means you'll have a one-of-a-kind case! The hand-painted design is painted with acrylic paint and protected with a top coat of resin for durability. The paint won't scrape off or chip and it is carefully crafted to last. The phone case itself is made of lightweight quality silicone that will aid in protecting your phone from any drop!

About the Design:
Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world and are unique to the American continent. Mayan legend has it that when they created the Earth, the gods gave each animal a purpose and mission, but realized that they had not assigned the important task of carrying wishes and thoughts from one place to another. So they took a jade stone and carved a tiny arrow, blew it and it flew out, thus the hummingbird was born.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Compatible
  • Please note all designs are hand-painted, therefore, there may be some slight differences in each.
  • Quality silicone case with shock absorption
  • Resin overlay to protect the hand-painted design
  • Covers all around the phone
  • Lightweight, thin & sleek design

    Mariel Adame Carmona is the owner of Alebrije Feliz, a project filled with joy whose purpose is to bring you handcrafted products inspired by Mexican culture, history, tradition and family legacies from years of handcrafting. Mariel is a teacher in San Angel, México City, México, where all of the products are made.

    She works alongside other artisans that help her bring the best of Mexican artistry to life and states that this business "is an invitation for everyone around the world to show off Mexican artistry."

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