Hey México

Flor Embroidered Blouse

$20 $35

Beautiful huipil blouse made in Villahermosa, Tabasco using a machine chain stitch embroidery technique. Huipil can be worn for a casual look or dressed up for professional events.

The flowers and colors are representative of the Mexican culture and this garment will help you carry a part of our cultura

  • Sizing is true to size
  • Machine chain stitch embroidered huipil 
  • Care: It is recommended that you hand wash garments and air dry under shade. Do not use chlorine, and do not mix with other garments.
  • Please Note: The embroidered flowers can vary in color

Hey México is a fashion brand that spotlights Mexican artisans and together, they preserve the embroideries of Mexico through the elaboration of innovative designs by implementing their beautiful art in garments that you can wear every day.

Four years ago, Eleyda and Jose Luis had the restlessness to create a business that had a high impact for society. After analyzing several alternatives, they realized there was no textile development in Nacajuca, Tabasco; and the great desire that exists in people who love everyday wear handmade garments. 

So in May 2017 they began to develop and structure the idea, taking classes, trainings, and workshops that could provide them with tools to capture their ideas very well. They started from scratch with resources borrowed from relatives, with many difficulties but with a clear objective: ¡Enaltecer Nuestra Cultura!

They began by organizing a small group of 4 embroiders from one community. Today, there are more than 100 families or artisans from 7 communities and 2 states of the republic who benefit from the work done with Hey México.

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