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'Guerrera" Fluorite Quartz Necklace

Tita López
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These designs speak of a spiritual dialogue between women and nature, transforming each piece into a declaration of individuality and freedom. Tita's jewelry are pieces with a voice, they are deeply original and linked to her Mexican culture. It is for singular women who create their destiny and forecast a future with pride in Mexico.

Tita Lopez creates Mexican artisanal jewelry that is a declaration of love to the beauty of Mexico. She works conscientiously and with respect together with the men who work in the mines and the artisans who carve the quartz to create talismans for the spirit and the heart. The expression of an intimate bond, ritual, and magic. Each piece is part of a limited-edition series, each quartz is a different and perfect voice.


  • Material: Fluorite Quartz pendant, .925 stainless steel chain
  • Pendant: 2.25" x 1"
  • Chain: 20"
  • Specification: Hand-carved quartz in the shape of a hexagonal prism with the word "Guerrera" engraved , held in place by .925 silver
  • Care Instructions: Do not wet or wear when you are showering. This item should be kept in a dry space when not wearing.

Artist Technique

Each piece is made of hand-carved quartz by Mexican artisans, and each is unique and fulfills a special function. All materials are sourced in Mexico and are worked by master artisans who are skilled in carving quartz. Every design takes hours of painstaking work to acquire the desired shape you see featured. With every purchase you keep this art alive and support the artisans behind these beautiful pieces.

Once Tita receives the hand-carved quartz, she adds a wire wrapped crown of beads to add an additional touch of magic.

Quartz Use & Care

Fluorite is known for its healing and order, it is able to balance positive energies, create inner peace and make us aware of our problems to find solutions. It can be used as a shield from negative energies, therefore it should be cleansed often.

Called the stone of genius and order, as it increases our brain power by stimulating both hemispheres to work together. The stone of order, brings meaning to our lives and shows us the value of well-being and calm, it will open up the possibilities for us to choose the situations that will bring us more inner peace. It increases concentration and allows the mind to calm down avoiding overwhelming thoughts that cause anxiety and stress. Helps to fall asleep, relieves the sensations that generate insomnia. It serves as a lucky charm: in ancient China it was used as a lucky charm, this is due to its ability to transform energies.

It is recommended that you recharge your quartz every 28 days in water, sal, under full moon or on earth.