Guayaba Mexican Leather Mini Bucket


By Carlota

From the Nahuatl xalxócotl, "sandy fruit", the guava is a fruit native to Central America, so it is common to find it in tropical countries. It is one of the most used fruits in naturopathic medicine in Mexico. Guava was considered by the Aztecs as an effective remedy for the cure of dysentery. This fruit is part of the colorful, flavor and traditional aroma of the Day of the Dead offerings, the Mexican festivities and the Posadas decembrinas, where the guava punch cannot be missing. The guava roll, typical of Bajío and Talpa de Allende in Jalisco, is an internationally known traditional Mexican sweet.

  • Carlota mini crossbody bag with a print inspired by the guava, a fruit representative of Mexican culture. Cowhide leather handles and details, pink suede leather interior, small interior pocket, long speck in pink suede. A design that will fill your days with life and color. Self-examination helps detect breast cancer early. If diagnosed early, it facilitates treatment and can save your life. This collection was created especially to support Mexican women with cancer. With your purchase you will join this cause. A percentage of the purchase of this product will be donated to the Cruz Rosa.

  • Care: Clean with a damp white cloth and dermatological quality soap. It is important to keep the bag in its dust container and keep it in a dry place.

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