Cel Sal

Jasmine + Black Amber


By Cel Sal

Creamy black amber and rich musk collide to create a deeply intriguing and sophisticated floral fragrance

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Jasmine + Mandarin + Orchid, Exotic Woods + Ylang + Rose + Patchouli + Black Amber + Musk

  • 6.25 oz

  • All natural coconut wax perfumed candle

  • Phthalate Free

  • Lead free cotton/paper core wick

  • Cruelty Free

  • Hand poured

  • Free of color dyes and additives

  • Due to the nature of natural wax, slight variations may occur and are natural

Candle Care

- Trim wick before re-lighting EACH time. Simply pinch off burnt tips with finger tips or wick trimmer. This ensures a clean and safe burn

- Allow candle to burn a minimum of 3 hours before extinguishing so candle reaches a proper, full, and even melt pool. Allowing your candle to burn evenly to the edges of the glass will reward you with the longest burn time

- Keep candle away from any draft or direct air flow (fan, window, directly under A/C or heater) Having your candle around direct air flow will cause your wick to flicker the flame and produce black smoke around your glass

- Keep away from pets and children

- NEVER leave candle unattended

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