Cel Sal

Jasmine + Black Amber Candle


Sultry black amber, redolent musk, and juicy mandarin combine to create a deeply intriguing and sophisticated creamy, woody and complex fragrance. The mood often described when smelling this fragrance is sensual and rich

Fragrance Notes: Jasmine + Mandarin + Orchid + Exotic Woods + Ylang + Rose + Patchouli + Black Amber + Musk

 Fragrance Family: complex, warm, rich, androgynous, fashion-forward

  • Made with a paraffin-free coconut wax blend, phthalate-free fragrance oils, lead, and zinc free cotton core wick
  • Cruelty-Free, hand-poured, free of color dyes and additives
  • Due to the nature of natural wax and vanillin content in some fragrance oils, slight variations, yellowing, or discoloring may occur and are natural
    • Trim the wick before re-lighting EACH time. Simply pinch off burnt tips with fingertips or wick trimmer. This ensures a clean and safe burn
    • Allow the candle to burn a minimum of 3 hours before extinguishing so the candle reaches a proper, full, and even melt pool. Allowing your candle to burn evenly to the edges of the glass will reward you with the longest burn time
    • Keep candle away from any draft or direct airflow (fan, window, directly under A/C or heater) Having your candle around direct airflow will cause your wick to flicker the flame and produce black smoke around your glass
    • Keep away from pets and children. NEVER leave candle unattended!

    Cel Sal is a modern home fragance line hand-poured in Dallas, Tx. After learning some of the harmful materials used in everyday candles she felt compelled to create a clean quality product.

    All Cel Sal wax products are hand-crafted in small batched, labeling and packaging is done carefully and with great attention to detail. You can enjoy every candle with peace of mind knowing Cel Sal products are cruelty-free, and don't contribute to harming the environment. 

    Domestic Shipping
    All orders are shipped within three to five business days using the United States Postal Service. This does not apply to pre-order or custom made items. You should automatically receive a tracking number once your order has been shipped. If you have any questions please e-mail us at info@cadenacollective.com.

    International Shipping
    We offer international shipping! If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail us at info@cadenacollective.com.

    Route Shipping Insurance 
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    • Packages presumed to be lost or stolen
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    • Route's international timeframe filing period is:
      • Stolen: between 5-15 days from delivery
      • Lost: between 20-30 days from last tracking update
      • Damaged: between 0-15 days from delivery

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