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Maíz Mexican Leather Mini Bucket

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Maize, which originated in Mexico, was domesticated through a long process that lasted more than ten thousand years. It was during this same process that agriculture developed in Mesoamerica.

Mexico boasts the greatest diversity of corn species, with 64 that are native to this country, out of the 220 that can be found in all Latin America.

Legend tells that before the arrival of Quetzalcóatl, the Aztecs ate only roots and animals they could hunt, but they could not find maize as it was hidden behind the mountains. When they finally presented their problem to Quetzalcóatl, concerned about his people, he took the shape of a small black ant, and set on a journey towards the mountains, accompanied by a red ant. After many hardships, he found this maize. Still in the shape of an ant, he took a ripe kernel and began the journey back. He then presented the promised grain to the Aztecs, who planed the seed. From then on, they grew and harvested this crop, and the precious grains brought them wealth and happiness. From that moment on, the Aztexas revered the generous Quetzalcóatl, as the god who brought them maize.


Mini Bucket bag with a print inspired by Corn. Cowhide leather details, lime green suede leather interior, an internal cell phone pocket, chain strap and gold hardware. Includes lemon green suede leather charm. A design that will fill your days with life and color.

Measurements: 8" L x 8.25" H x 4.75" D
Materials: leather, suede lining

Care: Carlota pieces are made with high-quality materials, and therefore should be treated with care, and protected against the elements. Due to the delicate nature of the materials, daily use can cause scratches and scuff marks on the surface, so we recommend you treat it with care. The leather is submitted to an important natural dye process, and the suede lining is pigmented with natural anilines, so we recommend that you be careful with any light-colored items that may come into contact with it.

If soiled, carefully clean the surface area using water and soft detergents. To keep your leather products in optimum condition, clean with a soft dry cloth, or, if necessary have them professionally cleaned.