Mosaicos Mexican Leather Hobo Bag - Verde


By Carlota

Mosaics are works of art made with a variety of materials, such as small pebbles, pieces of ceramic, or glass that come in many shapes and colors. These small pieces are joined together with grout, or similar materials, making decorative compositions that can depict a specific subject, or simply follow an abstract inspiration. One of these art forms is tile mosaics, where different patterns in ceramic tiles come together in a colorful and decorative design.

Mosaics are very typical of Mexico. Their many shapes, textures, and colors make them unique and very original. The quality of the clay specific to the paces they are manufactured, and the artisanal manner in which they are crafted, have made them endure through the ages. The golden age of mosaics in Mexico came with the 19th Century, where these fine pieces were used to embellish many walls, floors, and ceilings in elegant homes and public buildings. 

  • Hobo-type Carlota bag engraved with mosaic inspiration. Handles and details in calfskin leather, interior in green suede leather, internal bag as an organizer. A design that will fill your days with life and color. A design that will fill your days with life and color. The leathers that we use at Carlota carry a semi-ecological process, as it is a lead-free product. The anilines used to color your bag, like the waxes that create the two-tone effect, are of plant origin. For this reason, any irregularity that you notice in the skin is the effect of the natural process.
  • Care: Clean with a damp white cloth and dermatological quality soap. It is important to keep the bag in its dust container and keep it in a dry place.

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