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Origenes Negro Mexican Leather Hobo

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The Carlota brand was born amid a family business, backed by the experience of previous generations, and through the love and passion for creating leather goods that runs in their blood. This year, Carlota is celebrating their sixth anniversary through hard work and dedication in what they do. They are also very proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their workshop, which has been handed down from one generation to the next. As a celebration, together they have created this special collection which is a fusion of styles inspired by past generations, recreating some of the first handbags that were manufactured thirty years ago in the same workshop, and combining their bags with handwoven braids and straps made by their Mexican artisans, showcasing their work and experience. The woven strap of your handbag alone requires close to two hours of loving labor. "With this collection, we honor our country and past generations, forever grateful for the love of art that has been passed down to us, which we will continue to convey through generations to come."


Hobo bag inspired by our roots. Shoulder strap/handle, leather details, black leather interior, one large zippered compartment with one internal cell phone pocket, gold hardware. Includes leather charm. A design that will fill your days with life and color.

Measurements: 12.2" H x 13.8" W x 4.7" D

Materials: The leather used in this collection are treated with 100% vegetable materials. This means that different natural products are used in its tanning process instead of using chemicals that are harmful to the environment. These natural products are usually branches of trees and plants, such as chestnut and tara, sticks, roots and nuts, which are powdered and used to tan leather. The anilines used to color your bag, like the waxes that create the two-tone effect, are of plant origin. For this reason, any irregularity that is noticed in the skin is the effect of the natural process. As a suggestion, do not expose your bag to the sun for a long time as some oxidation could be noticed in the color, as happens with fruit.

Care: Carlota pieces are made with high-quality materials, and therefore should be treated with care, and protected against the elements. Due to the delicate nature of the materials, daily use can cause scratches and scuff marks on the surface, so we recommend you treat it with care. The leather is submitted to an important natural dye process, and the suede lining is pigmented with natural anilines, so we recommend that you be careful with any light-colored items that may come into contact with it.

If soiled, carefully clean the surface area using water and soft detergents. To keep your leather products in optimum condition, clean with a soft dry cloth, or, if necessary have them professionally cleaned.