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Pájaro Carpintero Leather Double Mini Clutch

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Mexican Marygolds are native to Mexico. The Nåhuatl name for these flowers is Cempasüchil, or "twenty or many flowers", and they have played a starring role in one of the most Mexican traditions of all, The Day of the Dead. People use these flowers to trace paths for the departed souls, so when they follow their scent and bright colors, they can reach the altars and offerings that honor them. An Aztec legend tells about Xéchitl and Huitzilin, who had been in love since childhood. Every afternoon, they would climb the hills to offer flowers to Tonatiuh, the sun god. One day, a war broke out, and Huitzilin was sent off to fight and defend the Aztec lands, where he perished. Full of grief, Xöchitl begged the god Tonatiuh to release her from her pain and reunite her with her lover. The sun god heard her plea, and shed his rays on her, turning her into a bright yellow flower. A hummingbird landed on this flower, as it opened its petals releasing a heavy scent. It is said that the love of this Aztec couple will live on as long as there are marygolds and hummingbirds adorning the Mexican fields. 


Carlota mini clutch inspired by Cempasúchil. Cowhide leather wrist strap with gold band. Bougainvillea suede interior.

Measurements: 8.3" x 5"
Materials: leather, suede lining

Care: Carlota pieces are made with high-quality materials, and therefore should be treated with care, and protected against the elements. Due to the delicate nature of the materials, daily use can cause scratches and scuff marks on the surface, so we recommend you treat it with care. The leather is submitted to an important natural dye process, and the suede lining is pigmented with natural anilines, so we recommend that you be careful with any light-colored items that may come into contact with it.

If soiled, carefully clean the surface area using water and soft detergents. To keep your leather products in optimum condition, clean with a soft dry cloth, or, if necessary have them professionally cleaned.