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Sacred Heart Locket Necklace

Tita López
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These designs speak of a spiritual dialogue between women and nature, transforming each piece into a declaration of individuality and freedom. Tita's jewelry are pieces with a voice, they are deeply original and linked to her Mexican culture.

The Sacred Heart is inspired by San Miguel de Allende, a World Heritage Site, an artistic city known as the heart of Mexico. All materials are sourced in Mexico and are worked by skilled master artisans. Every design takes hours of painstaking work to acquire the desired shape you see featured. With every purchase you keep this art alive, and support the artisans behind these beautiful pieces.


Each design is carefully made by hand and one-of-a-kind!

  • Dimensions: 4" W x 6" H , Ribbon - 28"
  • Materials: alloy of mixed high-quality metals