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Selena Rojo Dress

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EGR merges artisanal techniques with urban streetwear fashion. His Spring Summer 2021 collection is inspired by Selena and her recognizable fashion style. His designs have the highest attention to detail and each take three - four days to elaborate.

  • If you are between sizes, we recommend you size up.
  • Base Fabric Color: Red
  • Material(s): 100% Linen
  • Style: Long blazer with deep v-neck cut, puff sleeve with ruffled cuffs
  • Care: Do not machine wash! It is recommended that you dry clean this garment.

Artist Technique:

Enrique's goal is not to produce a large quantity of items or to introduce dozens of collections a year. Instead, he remains committed on quality and sustainability. While working on his designs, he seeks to produce the least amount of waste as possible. He primarily uses linen and cotton, and organic dyes for the cloth and the silk-screening printing.

About EGR:

EGR is one of the most creative brands in the high-end sector of urban fashion clothing. Mexican designer, Enrique Gonzales, has artistic talent in bridging glamorous streetwear, wearable high-end fashion, and Mexican-inspired styles. The exciting outcome of this creative fusion is amazing men's and women's clothing that mixes glam with pop, military, and ethnic styles, and everything in between. 

The streetwear and urban fashion label EGR, was established in 2005. Mexican-born but with an intentional mission, this is what the urban clothing line stands for. Enrique Gonzales, designer, stylist, and talent-gifted, is the founder of EGR and looks back on more than a decade of design experience.

The unique streetwear niche covered by the brand symbolizes Mexican fashion- past, and future likewise.