Zapote Mexican Leather Mini Clutch


By Carlota

From the Náhuatl, word tzapotl, and the Mayan tauch, the zapote is a popular tropical fruit originally from Mexico. The zapote played a very important role in the worship to Xipe Tótec, or the "Flayed Lord", a Mesoamerican god especially revered by the Mexica natives. The fruit was lined to the garments worn by this god, as he wore a skirt made from zapote leaves. It an also be seen in depictions of sacrifice rituals to these gods, as people would present offerings of ears of corn covered with green zapote leaves.

When receiving word of the arrival of the Spaniards, Motecuhzoma ordered his people to prepare Tlachtonco, the place where they would flee to, by placing many zapote branches, and tracing paths with the leaves.

  • Care: Clean with a white damp cloth and dermatological quality soap. It is important to keep the bag in its dust guard and keep it in a dry place.

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