2019 Blessings. 2020 Vision.

Where has time gone?! We are one month into the year and we are still processing 2019 and all the great things that happened. We started off 2019 working with one-woman artisan and a year later we are working with 13 women-owned brands! After carefully reflecting on all of our accomplishments from 2019 here are a few that stood out to us:

1.     We created a space for women artisans and women-owned businesses to flourish

At the beginning of 2019 we didn’t quite yet have a model for the collective space we would ultimately end up creating. We simply thought about working with Motcy Designs and her amazing earring designs by combining our professional background with her gorgeous talent. We started off with 10 pairs to see where it would lead us and by the end of 2019 we had collectively worked with Motcy Designs to sell over 1,000 pairs of her earring designs!

2.     We created an online platform for women artisans to showcase their art and sell their products

At the start of this process we searched for various platforms to sell handmade goods and for a while we were on Etsy taking advantage of the large audience we could reach. Eventually we grew into our own story and created our own space for others to learn about. We ended up having our own loyal audience and have continued to grow ever since on our platform, www.cadenacollective.com.

3.     We grew from one-woman brand to THIRTEEN!

It didn’t happen overnight but we realized so many women-owned businesses want support that we quickly grew and started working with many more brands. Most of the brands we work with have a specific goal in mind and we step in only if we feel that their product will be well received. We currently work with women artisans who make handmade bags, natural soaps and body butters, handmade felt goods, handmade clothing and handmade leather bags.

4.     We went international!

Much of the inspiration for the shop was working with women in our local neighborhood of Dallas, Texas and finding talent in the city where we grew up in. We continue to be inspired by working mothers and talented millennials who are crafting unique items in Dallas, but we recognize beautiful talent from Mexico, our motherland. Since then we’ve started working with two amazing companies from Jalisco and Tabasco, Mexico.

5.     We moved to Miami and opened two pop-up spaces!

We are run by two sisters and one of us moved to Miami, Florida where you can also find us in two pop up spaces under a marketplace called Kcüll Shop. This model allows small businesses like ours to grow without the burden of a long term lease or expensive overhead costs. If you find yourself in Miami come visit us in our Calle Ocho location and in the neighborhood of Coconut Grove.

All in all, 2019 was more than what we could have dreamed of. What started off as a passion project has turned into a full business and we are more invested than ever. Invested to work with women, invested to grow their businesses and invested to grow our reach. Wondering how you can help? Tell ALL your friends about us. Share our website and our Instagram page and whenever we have vendor fairs in Texas and Florida make sure you stop by, even if it’s just to say hello!

We would not be here without you and for that, we are very thankful. Here’s to 2020 and accomplishing bigger things with you by our side!


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