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5 Scents That Take Us Back to Our Latine Childhood

5 Scents That Take Us Back to Our Latine Childhood

| Alejandra Aguirre

There are sudden moments where I catch a scent and my memory takes me back to moments of joy. Sometimes it's the scent of dirt after a strong lluvia. Other times, it's not completely joyful and it's usually the scent of clean floors and my memories of Fridays spent deep cleaning our home.

But no matter what, I end up thinking about my childhood. It takes me to a place of uncertainty of the future, yet comfort of the home my parents built for us.

We grew up in a humble home. There were little to no luxuries, but there was always the comfort and love of our family. We had each other and that's all that mattered.

All of those feelings and memories wrapped around the scents of pan dulce, strawberry dulces (that we can never seem to find as adults), and the evening cafecito are all special to me. They're home. 

Here are five scents that might remind you of your childhood too:

1. Cafecito

There's one thing you're always going to find in a Hispanic home and that's cafecito! The only question we have is: why were we drinking coffee in the evening, as kids?! No matter how you drink your cafe, the scent of it will always mean home.

2. Ramo de Rosas

If my ama wasn't receiving roses for her birthday and Valentine's Day, did we even love her? At least that was the way things were in our home. Oh and don't even forget the dozen roses for La Virgencita on December 12th. This must be why we're all waiting on our #ramonbuchon, right?

3. Pan Dulce

Okay, do I even have to explain this one? Conchas, puerquitos, cuernitos, take your pick. Who wasn't volunteering to go to the panaderia on Saturday mornings?! The sweet scent of bolillo was and is, everything!

4. Clean Floors

Do we even have to explain this one?

5. Strawberry Dulces

We can all remember these candies but never find them ourselves. Isn't that strange? Funny how our abuelitas continue to have a hold over us with these candies! 

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