Mi cultura se celebra mas que un mes

In the past few days we've gone viral due to our styling reels on Instagram. Then we got dozens of comments appreciating our products and our style.

Then something even more exciting happened! We started receiving supportive messages like these:

I realized there were so many of you out there just like us, wondering how to bring more of your cultura into your every day life.

Beyond the clothes and the style, showing off your cultura means showing up as your authentic self. It means claiming parts of you that society might have taught you to hide; your natural hair, your bold and colorful patterned clothes, your statement jewelry, and maybe even the way you do your makeup.

While these are all physical attributes, we can't negate that they are part of a larger story. One that many Latinx people struggle with. The struggle to feel welcomed or accepted in the United States, but also the rejection we might feel by our native countries.

We might grow up feeling like orphans without a country to truly claim. The idea que no somos de aquí, ni de allá.

Yet, here we are, standing proud, showing up, and breaking barriers.

I hope Cadena works as a mirror. One where you see yourself reflected in a safe space where you can claim your whole self, a virtual corner that feels like a community and helps you realize que somos de aquí y de allá.

Quite honestly, that's more powerful. You are bicultural and beautiful. Our products are only a reminder of who you are inherently.

Being bicultural is beautiful. Recuerda, you are worthy, and you are enough. Now go show off your cultura!

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I feel so blessed to come upon your clothing line! I have lived the way society says you should. Forgot that noise, Viva La Raza! Finally Im home. A place I can relate to Cadena Collective, La Catrina.
Thank you for representing our cultura in the most amazing and beautiful textiles I’ve ever seen. 🇲🇽🇺🇸✊🏽❤️💃👏🏽

Margarita Van Dixhorn January 01, 2022

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