When Women Succeed, Everyone Succeeds

As a child, my mother sold everything from Tupperware®, Home Interiors®, gold to Royal Prestige®. No one could knock her hustle and even though my father always provided for us, there seemed to be something essential to my mother about being self-sufficient and earning her own money. 

It is something that has stuck with me all of my life and why I crave the same thing for myself and for other women. The feeling of independence and economic liberation. The Latinx culture is heavily dependent on the man and their provider skills while women are taught to be humbler in their pursuit of self-esteem and success.

This is the start line for Cadena Collective. It is our ability to recognize women artisans who have a lot of potential and helping them navigate the business world in a variety of ways. There are a few items that we carry on the online shop but we also work with small businesses to advise them on the development of their own.

Cadena Collective is more than a shop to find a beautiful pair of hand crafted earrings or hand embroidered items. We are a movement to help women realize their full potential. We are in the business of helping women see that they are worthy of everything they want. Perhaps it’s earning some money or perhaps it’s creating an entire brand. Either way, Cadena Collective serves as a stepping stone for women to create self-sufficiency because when we validate a woman and help her grow, we create ripples that can have far-reaching effects.

When women succeed, everyone succeeds.

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