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Emilia Drop Earrings

Motcy Designs
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To date, this has been Lucina's (Motcy) most challenging and time-consuming collection. The preparation of each model took the artist days to achieve the desired result. With these pieces, Lucina always set to rescue some ancestral technique with a contemporary touch. Of note, this collection was produced during a difficult stage for the artist as she navigated some personal challenges and life's unexpected blows. For her, these pieces reflect her journey through these struggles and are the result of love and light and what happens when you calm your heart and mind.


  • Size: 2.75" H x 1.75" W 
  • Elaboration Time: 4 hours
  • Material: Natural Pearls
  • Metal: gold plated, hypoallergenic, nickel free
  • Technique: Herringbone technique brooch and gizmo coiling with natural pearl and"sun" urban filigree technique

Please Note: Each pair is made by hand and therefore one-of-a-kind.
Care Instructions: This item should be kept in a dry space when not wearing.