Daughter of God: Khristine Lorraine

Living Latina is a series telling the stories of amazing Latinas that are in our life. They are models for Cadena, friends of Cadena and overall women we greatly admire. 


We met Khristine at our very first campaign shoot for Cadena in January of 2019. Our first impression was just how beautiful and kind she was. We learned a bit about her that day and in a 'divine intervention' type of way we were able to work with her on another special photoshoot - one that revealed a deeply personal experience. Get to know Khristine and her story in our final Q&A for 2020.

1. How did your upbringing impact and shape who you are now? 

My upbringing is the core of who I am today. I grew up in a very strict and religious home with parents who taught us to respect ourselves and others always. My morals, my open mindedness, my outlook on life and my determination to continue to inspire others all stems from my upbringing.

2. Tell us about your cultural background as a woman from Belize. What are some of your favorite traditions that you and your family celebrate in the US.

My cultural background from Belize consist of influences and people from Kriol, Maya, East Indian and Mestizo; with many other cultures from Chinese to Lebanese. What I love most about Belize is how diverse the population is which leads to a very unique and rich culture. Belize is so diverse that they aren't really any specific traditions other than Christmas traditions and those involving food. When it comes to Belizean Food, my family and I still continue to make traditional dishes for holidays. We still enjoy a good cookout with some Belizean music and dances such as Punta and "bruk down."

3. A couple of weeks after modeling our Migration is Beautiful Monarch earrings you came out as DACAmented. Why did you feel that this was the time to tell your story?

I don't know that I felt it was the right time to tell my story, but rather it was overdue. A close friend of mine calls it "Divine Timing." I was aware of the purpose for the shoot but I wasn't fully aware of its relation to the DACA community. The more the photographer, Cinthia and I talked about the earrings, the more compelled I felt to express that I was a DACA recipient. I was inspired and thought to myself, what a coincidence that I had been asked to model for this specific shoot. If you ask me, it was fate. There was just no way I could share the beautiful photographs and earrings without sharing my story and how touched I was by what Cadena Collective was doing for our community.

DACA Monarch Earrings

4. What can you share about your intersectional experience as being DACAmented and identifying as a Black woman?

I've been staring at this question for the past twenty minutes trying to figure out where to start but I find myself getting teary-eyed. Like I shared on my Instagram post about being Black, Hispanic and a DACA Recipient; sometimes I feel like all the odds are against me. I've experienced racism, discrimination and hurtful comments simply because I am all of these things. I have at times been forced to choose a race/ethnicity and have been told that I am not welcomed in this country. Despite all of this, I will continue to walk with my head held high. My parents have sacrificed too much for me to be beaten down by the opinions and actions of others. Every struggle sent my way has made me stronger, more appreciative and grateful for the life I have been given. I have learned so many valuable life lessons and I will continue to share my story as long as God tells me to do so. I am his daughter and I am unconditionally loved by him and I will continue to live my life for him.

5. We admire you for being a multi-talented woman. What inspires you?

I believe we all have a purpose on this earth. Some of us are blessed to find that purpose early on and some of us may have to go through some difficult times to do so. I choose to keep moving forward because I believe everyone's story and success can be beneficial to those who are enduring the same obstacles. I have been blessed with many opportunities. therefore, I feel it is only fair to take full advantage of every single one.

6. What is next for you and how can we support and champion you?

I aspire to have my Wedding and Events Company with a percentage of the profits being donated to charities that help Homelessness and Animal Rescue.

Khristine, let us know where we can keep following you and your work:
Instagram: @khristinelorraine_ & @tipthescalesphotography


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