This is Personal.

It was January of 1997 and the image is still vivid in our minds. We said goodbye to our extended family, our maternal grandmother gave us la bendicion
and after a very tight hug we jumped on our tio's truck, turned the corner and we were on our way to el norte.

Our mother has always been extremely resourceful - a way of surviving for immigrant women like herself - and we were dressed in three layers of neon colored jumpsuits. Our parents were making the decision to put a family back together and to provide a better future for their two daughters.

When we arrived to the United States, we merged two worlds to create our own bicultural experience and became third culture kids - ni de aqui, ni de alla.

This is personal. We are products of the risk our parents took to create a new life in an unknown country. We understand that migration is beautiful because it means so much to so many - just like us.

Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program would remain. The program was established as a way of granting temporary legal status and work permits to children who were brought to the U.S. without proper documentation before June 2007.

The issue of immigration status is one we are too familiar with and an issue we will continue to speak on until there is comprehensive immigration reform. To support DACAmented individuals we sell monarch butterfly earrings, and with each purchase, $10  will be donated to the North Texas Dream Team to cover expenses for DACA applications. We know the uncertainty and burden of legal status and remain rooted in the idea that migration is a human right. 

The monarch butterfly endures a long journey to arrive to its destination and has become a symbol of resiliency and hope in the immigrant community.

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