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Would you invest $200 on a ring?

Would you invest $200 on a ring?

| Leslie Lemus

Would you invest $200 on a ring? If you've been following us for sometime you might of seen the quartz jewelry by Tita Lopez on our website. You might of also noticed the price tag and wondered what materials the ring was made with. 

Simply being a gorgeous heart or skull shaped ring isn't worth $200 and we get it. What you're truly investing in, is the design and labor of various artisans involved in making these beautiful rings.

Tita Lopez, the designer of these rings, works conscientiously alongside various artisans that include miners, welders and goldsmiths to bring to life her designs.

Now if you want to mine deeper (get it?) on the meaning of each quartz crystal and stone that Tita works with, we invite you to read below. Every raw material she works with has spiritual properties believed to support your goals in life. That is, if you're a believer!

Here are some of the most popular quartz that we have on our website and their meaning:


The obsidian is for protection. It protects you from highly charged environments or low vibrations. If you are someone who tends to take on other’s emotions, the obsidian will help you so you don't get burdened with them. 

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is for healing. It detoxifies the body and its energy daily. By doing this, it prevents you from getting sick and if you are sick, it leads to a quick recovery.

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is for love. It is a high vibration of love that lead you to be better in your life, have loving relationships with family, friends, and partners, and brings self-love and a lot of compassion.


The amethyst is the stone of the witches - it’s pure intuition. It helps with premonitory dreams and better communication with your inner voice. It is also useful for people who meditate. 


Turquoise is a very wise stone. It was a Native American favorite of Shamans. It is called the lucky stone. It brings a lot of good luck. It is also a wise stone, it connects you to the earth, it allows you to carry out projects that you have in life. It is like something that drives you to continue with what you propose and opens the way for you.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a stone that contains the wisdom of the earth. It is very old and acts similar to obsidian. It roots us to the earth to have a better connection with it and protects us from the energy of the environment. It also helps us to remember our origins and roots.


Citrine, the stone of wealth. In ancient times, it was used by Asian cultures for its color similar to gold. This quartz is to preserve wealth and attract prosperity and abundance so that money is never lacking. Take your possessions and double them. It also improves self-esteem and brings joy. It’s like using portable sunbeams - that warm and loving feeling full of energy. 

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