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Gift Giving with Purpose

Gift Giving with Purpose

| Mabel Aguirre

If you're reading this, chances are you, much like myself, love gift-giving, or you may need guidance because this is not your love language. Well, I'm here to help! Gift-giving is my love language, and I do it with intention and purpose all year round. This small act has psychology tied to it; we establish connections and strengthen bonds when we give or receive a gift. However, during the holiday season, many scramble to find the "perfect" gifts for people and often run out of time which leads to expensive or unnecessary purchases. So, here are a few ideas and some other thoughts to consider when gift shopping:

The truth is, I could go on about gift ideas, but only you know what your loved ones need. All of these gifts are great for anyone from a busy mom to a busy school teacher, but consider what could make it an extraordinary gift. What do I mean by that? Well, maybe that busy parent could use a sitter while they take a nice LONG shower without being interrupted; that way, they can actually enjoy the products. Perhaps you're giving a candle or home decor to someone who would love to spend more time with you; after all, it's been scientifically proven that friendships lessen after adulthood. Take advantage of these gifts and set up an overdue date with your bestie!

What I am trying to say is these gifts are great, but also consider what the recipient truly needs. A gift goes from a tangible object to a treasured piece when intention and purpose are behind it. During this holiday season and all year round, I hope you consider this. It's not about the price tag, and it truly is the thought that counts--at least in my books. ;)

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