5 Virtual Galentine's Day Ideas to Celebrate With Your Amigas

We think it’s fair to say that even if you are not under the weather, the thought of lounging in comfy clothes and sharing laughs from the comfort of your home is much more appealing than going out. Even if distance isn’t a factor, virtually hanging out has become a convenient way to keep the chisme alive. SO, for this Galentine’s day we crafted a list of ideas so you and your Galentines can virtually come together for a memorable night!

1. Movie Night

There are quite a few new movies and shows available, and many of the streaming services offer options to create a watch party! Everyone knows Encanto is a current favorite, and you can watch together with the Disney Plus GroupWatch option that allows for up to 6 people to join at the same time.

If you want it to be an interactive experience, try Teleparty, a service that synchronizes video playback and offers a group chat to Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime! Make it extra special and get one of our gift sets for you and your Galentine, so you can snack and relax together!

2. Dinner Date

One of my favorite things to do is pour myself a glass of wine, pick out a recipe and cook! For some reason watching Chef’s Table or Ratatouille always puts me in the mood, if you know, you know—anyone can cook! The fun part is taking occasional sips of your preferred adult beverage or mocktail to find the courage to tackle the recipe, so why not do it with a friend? Find a recipe, order the ingredients ahead of time and plan a night around a gastronomy adventure from the comfort of your home. If you want to make it a surprise you can order the ingredients and schedule the delivery to your date!

If you need some inspiration here are some mouthwatering recipes from Ahead of Thyme, and if you’d like to explore delicious vegan options check out Feasting at Home. For dessert we suggest our gift set that includes decadent bean to bar chocolate made in Dallas, TX!

3. Game Night

So maybe you don’t feel like doing anything—we get it, trust us! A game night is always a great idea to bond, catch up, and have fun. For a variety of game options you can play remotely as a group check out jackbox games. Here you’ll find just about any game you can think of!

If you’d rather use this time to learn more about your Galentine(s), check out { THE AND }. You can purchase the card game or download the app and choose from a series of decks that dive into thought provoking questions!

 4. Wine and Chill

If you want to make this night special, I think we can all agree that you can’t go wrong with a charcuterie board paired with a delicious glass of wine. While it’s always fun to create your own board, we’d love to suggest some small businesses that offer local delivery of beautifully crafted boards. Surprise your Galentine with one of these and make it a memorable night! If you are a Dallas resident check out Amor y Queso, where you’ll find quite a bit of options available and trust us, you can’t go wrong. In San Antonio we suggest trying out Honey and Pickle and their beautifully crafted boards, and in Houston you can find delicious optins from And That's The Cheese. For an extra special night, if your pet is keeping you company, we suggest another small business dedicated to crafting charcuterie boards for dogs, Barkuterie Boards! If you’d like to suggest other small businesses, please message us so we can share.

If you are unsure of what wine to get, we got you! The Wine and Chisme podcast features a Latinx wine brand directory based in the US created by Jessica Yañez. Check this list out and give her podcast a listen too! 


5. Dinner Delivery Roulette

Okay, okay we know some of you really don’t want to do anything but stay in PJ’s and listen to true crime, we feel you. This is one of my moods and when it strikes, I know it’s time to pick an app and order dinner. SO, try doing it with a friend, order for each other and surprise each other with a meal! There are many locally owned restaurants that offer delicious meals, this is a good way to get your palate out of its comfort zone.


I also want to note that this guide is loner friendly! While I love my small circle of friends, I find that indulging alone is something you just can't beat and at times it's called for. The {THE AND } even has a self edition that helps you uncover the most special relationship of all, the one with yourself! 

No matter what you do or who you spend it with, we hope you enjoy this special day, our favorite holiday, Galentine's Day! Be sure to check out our gift sets and treat yourself or any of your gals--we promise they are worth it. And, if you're inspired by one of our ideas, please share and tag us on Instagram!

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